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LG Partner Trip

KYZEN is the only distributor in the country who got an invite from LG Korea to send the entire sales and marketing team to the LG main factory in Changwon, Korea in order to undergo training and visit the factory line with LG's best engineers and market representatives for its laundry machines portfolio.

Only the largest and best distributors in the Philippines can be invited by LG to fly to Korea for its Partner Trip 2018 Event.

It is one of the things that we do for Kyzen to be totally UNMATCHED in quality service and after sales support.



Provider of High Quality 
Laundry Machines In the Philippines

LG Commercial Laundry

Giant C Pro Washer
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 686x983x756 mm
• Capacity: 10 kg
• Water Consumption 42.4 liters
• Wash Speed: 45 RPM
• Extrat Speed 1,150 RPM
• Electric Ratings (V/Hz/A): 220/60/5

Giant C Pro Dryer
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 686x983x764 mm
• Capacity 10.2 kg
• Gas Ratings: 5.8 KW
• Air Flow: 160 CFM
- ( Cubic Feet per Minute)
• Motor: .4KW
• Electric Ratings (V/Hz/A): 220/60/3

Titan C+ Washer
• Model No.: FH0C7FD3
• Dimensions (WxHxD):
- 737x1,036x814 mm
• Capacity: 15 kg
• Water Consumption: 67.6 liters
• Wash Speed: 46 RPM
• Extract Speed: 1,000 RPM
• Electric Ratings (V/Hz/A): 220/60/5 


Alliance Laundry System

• Washer Capacity: 10.5kg
• Dryer Capacity: 10.5kg (Gas Operated)
• Freestanding: can be installed on any floor and any level
• Double capacity in same floor space
• Top, front and side panels standard available in white
• Stainless steel outer and inner drum
• Redesigned soap box with 4 compartments
• 440 G-force extraction
- Removes more moisture
- Minimizes drying times and utility costs
• 6 wash programs with possibility of programming cycle modifier options
- Added prewash
- Extra wash time
- Extra rinse
• 5 drying programs


We are Kyzen

With KYZEN not only do you have a great purchasing experience, but you also get to experience great after-sales service! KYZEN aims to enhance the life of every client and the people they serve by offering the best purchasing ownership experience. Invest now in one of the fastest growing industries in the Philippines. With investments returning in the first year, the Laundry Business Industry has become an increasing trend among fresh entrepreneurs. Be a Laundry Entrepreneur now and start your very own Self-Service Laundry Business. Choose the right people! Choose KYZEN!

KYZEN Business Consultancy Co. was founded June 2011 as sole proprietorship company. KYZEN Evolved from a small team of business consultants who help Filipino Entrepreneurs in setting up their own household traditional laundry shop to engaged entrepreneurs who guide business to turn their growing service to “Commercial Self-service establishments” that caters to the demand of the Laundry Industry. Last February of 2016, KYZEN became a partnership and owned its first operational laundry shop located in Mandaluyong City. 

It served a practical training ground to keep abreast to the new techniques in the Industry, and to the changing service requirements by the consumers and supplier, Thus, KYZEN kept up with the Industry’s pace by making its consultants reliable and dependable in theory and practical training.KYZEN Services include, but not limited to – site selection assistance and approval, set-up and Installation of laundry machines and equipment, design of Interiors and basic renovation (as per client concept), pre and most marketing support, training (classroom and practical) service and technical orientation and most importantly, after sales support.

KYZEN boasts of the people behind the company’s continued success. The consultants, construction team and laundry suppliers complement the quality of services and equipment offered with its high quality service and training.


Our Mission is to provide quality services with the business set-up and training first time laundry entrepreneurs without the large required Investment of a franchising fee.


Our Vision is to grow into one of the most competent and trusted company nationwide. To Enhance the lives of every entrepreneur and the people they serve by offering the best purchasing ownership experience.


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